The Truth About Medical Marijuana

The Sleestak strain (1st place in Legends of Hash Dinner 2010 & 2011,3rd place in the 2009 Outdoor Highlife Cup) is a B+ grade mostly Sativa strain of Cannabis ( 70/30 Sativa/Indica ). The original cuttings came out of Northern California and it was named after the green reptilian creatures from the 1970’s TV show “Land of the Lost” and created from genetically blending the Shrom (a cross of Santa Marta Gold & Romulan Indica) and Martian Mean Green (a cross of Sharkbreath and G-13 Haze) strains to come up with a high yielding great tasting strain. The flavor is sweet and the smell is a little like orange pine trees with a slight touch of sandlewood. Beautiful, sticky, high- resin crystal coverage and orange hairs.

The flowering time on a Sleestak is 9 weeks. The perfect planting time puts it in October and it is great as an outdoor plant but is preferred as an indoor grows. As far as yield goes, the cannabis seeds produce a medium height, stocky plant that gains weight in the 5th week and when it gets vegged for a while you can get a medium to large sized yield with medium to dense nuggets.

Because it is a high yield milky resin producer with plenty of crystals it is perfect for making concentrates and hash. It is easy to grow and can recover from nutrition errors and doesn’t mold easily. Sleestak is somewhat heat sensitive though so you have to watch your temperature.

The high comes on slow but builds to a really good mind bake, but it is a clear headed, uplifting high, with a slightly psychedelic feel to it instead of the baked on the couch feeling. It is basically a Sativa high with a little wiggle to it. You can buy hemp from Marijuana dispensary in California.

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